Hacked By ./Rfl

Hacked By ./Rfl

I let my soul fall into you,I never thought I'd fall right through.I fell for every word you said,You made me feel I needed you. And forced my heart to think it's true, But I found I'm powerless with you. Now I dont need your wings to fly, No, I dont need a hand to hold in mine this time. You held me down, but I broke free, I found the love inside of me. Now I dont need a hero to survive, Cause I already saved my life. I fell into your fantasy, But that's all our love will ever be, I lost hope in saving you and me. You think I'm lost, falling apart, But your lies just made a stronger heart, My life is just about to start. Now I don’t need your wings to fly.


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Suatu Pengorbanan Yang Sia-Sia
Rela melakukan apapun demi yang tercinta dan sampai pada titik yang paling bodoh,merelakan masa depan demi menyebrangi lautan untuk jarak yang lebih dekat, sekarang hanya tinggal sebatas harapan, pulang dan kembali kepangkuan ibu adalah satu-satunya jalan.

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